10% discount for animal control good until 3/1/2020.

Happy New Year!

Have you ever been laying in bed to hear the sound of something running along your roofline?  Or even in your attic? It is very disturbing to think something could be running around your attic.  My son came to me to say “mom, I keep hearing things running around and I am concerned something is in the attic!”

I called my boss and asked for help.  He stopped over the very next day to set up traps.  He found there was a nest from squirrels under my solar panels.  He set a few traps by the tree they appeared to be using and caught one squirrel the first day and another squirrel the second day.  

All animals are caught humanely and released safely in the woods behind our office.  Don’t hesitate to call the office with questions….856-768-3330. 10% discount offered on animal control.

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