Little Brown Bats


The little brown bat is a species of mouse-eared bat that is the common bat seen in this area. It is dark brown in color. It is only 2.5 to 4 inches long and only weighs a one-half ounce. The wingspan outstretched can be 11 inches.

They sleep during the day. They hunt by night. The little brown bat’s diet consists of insects, Beetles, Moths, Spiders, and Mosquitos. They feed in flight. Bats use echolocation to find their prey, which makes it easy to find their prey in the dark. These bats can consume half their body weight each night. The habit of eating Mosquitos is the reason some people install bat houses on their property. This also may dissuade them from making a home in your attic.
If they do enter your house to roost, we at Guardian can get rid of them for you by exclusion. There are specific Months of the year that we, as pest Management Professionals, are allowed to do exclusions. April and August 1st thru October 15.

Brown Bats hibernate in the Winter months. Their hibernation cycle can last from four to six months.

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