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Odorous House Ants

The pungent, rotten coconut-like odor given off when this ant is crushed gives it its name. It is probably the most common pest ant that Guardian deals with.
It is a small ant 1/16 to 1/8 inch long. The body is brown to black.

Colonies consist of several hundred to ten thousand ants. Since different colonies are not hostile to each other they often move along trails from colony to colony. These ants are often organized into Super colonies and can infest whole blocks of houses at a time. They can be difficult to eliminate. Multiple applications are often needed. Sweet ant baits are often helpful.

Inside, these ants usually construct their nests in wall voids and crevices around sinks, cupboards, window frames and in wall outlets. Outside they prefer the voids between retaining wall blocks, slate retaining walls and matted Mulch. Anything that can provide shelter. They can often be seen trailing along the foundation wall where the soil and foundation meet.

These ants prefer sweets but also eat foods high in protein content and grease such as meats and cheese

Is is termites or ants?

This is the time of year that termites swarm.  Unfortunately, ants also swarm in the spring and summer.  How can you tell the difference?  Ants have 3 parts to their bodies and are easily recognizable by their segmented bodies.  Termites have straight antennae out of the top of their head while ants have bent antennae out the side of their head.  Guardian can help with services for either instance.  Contact the office at 856-768-3330 to schedule a service.


Mosquito Control

With the warm weather finally starting to settle in and the ability to enjoy the beautiful weather, it is the time of year to start thinking about mosquito control.  There is nothing more frustrating than trying to relax outside and enjoy family time only to be bothered by the mosquitoes.  Guardian offers monthly and bi-weekly mosquito control services from May through September to help control the mosquito population at your home.  Guardian is committed to protecting your Home, Health & Environment.  Contact the office at 856-768-3330 to get pricing for mosquito control services.



With the outbreak of Covid-19, Guardian Termite & Pest Control has reinforced the following protocols:

1) All Guardian employees are instructed to report to their supervisor if/when sick. Employees that have potential coronavirus symptoms will be instructed to have no public contact and/or remain home.

2) The use of sanitizing wipes—mostly for hands, also for cell phones, etc. are to be used in office (as well as disinfectant spray & wipe of surfaces) and to be used by field technicians for hands, cell phones & tablets, steering wheel and other equipment.

3) The use of disposable gloves are used by field technicians. Gloves will be worn for contact with door rails and other surfaces. If and when bare hands make contact with surfaces, a) do not touch face, and b) use sanitizing wipes to clean hands ASAP.

4) We may be asking clients of indoor services whether anyone in their household (or recent visitor) was/is sick. When meeting clients we may avoid handshakes, which is otherwise normally good social protocol. If necessary, we will escalate protocol to execute paperwork and payments remotely.

5) Exterior only services are a good option to keep the bugs at bay while protecting your peace of mind. With the exterior service, we continue to maintain the barrier along the perimeter of your home with the intention of preventing bugs from coming inside the home. In the event that you need or want an interior service the above guidelines will remain in place.

We will continue to provide services for our customers with the same care and dedication as we have for over 23 years. Your safety will always be a priority at Guardian.

Not All Lights are the Same

It is better to place lights far away from your front door, using a pole light if possible.  If you must have porch lights next to your front door, it’s best to take a look at your bulbs.  Mercury vapor lamps are a high intensity discharge lamps.  Replacing these white standard mercury vapor lights with warmer high-pressure sodium vapor or halogen lights will reduce flying insects around doors and windows.  These bulbs have a pink, yellow or orange tint and will be least attractive to the flying insects.