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Little Brown Bats


The little brown bat is a species of mouse-eared bat that is the common bat seen in this area. It is dark brown in color. It is only 2.5 to 4 inches long, and only weighs one half ounce. The wingspan outstretched can be 11 inches.

They sleep during the day. Thy hunt by night. The little brown bat’s diet consists of insects, Beetles, Moths, Spiders and Mosquitos. They feed in flight. Bats use Echolocation to find their prey, which makes it easy to find their prey in the dark. These bats can consume half their body weight each night. It’s habit of eating Mosquitos is the reason some people install bat houses on their property. This also may dissuade them from making a home in your attic.
If they do enter your house to roost, we at Guardian can get rid of them for you by exclusion. There are specific Months of the year that we, as pest Management Professionals, are allowed to do exclusions. April and August 1st thru October 15.

Brown Bats hibernate in the winter Months. Their hibernation cycle can last from four to six months.




Bats are a nuisance pest no one wants to deal with.  The State of NJ has specific guidelines for us to work with to protect bats (see attached guidelines) during their maternity phase.  We can help out if they are in your living space, but cannot exclude them from your attic during their maternity phase.  Check out this link to Rutgers Wildlife Publication for more info on bats and the benefits of bats in the environment.

Bat exclusion info

Animal Control is still an issue for several people.  Raccoons have invaded a customers attic, causing damage in the soffit and nesting in the attic insulation.  I have personally experienced issues with squirrels nesting under my solar panels. They came out and trapped for squirrels and removed the nesting materials from underneath the solar panels.  It is always fascinating to watch Mike working on the roof without fear. Since nesting under solar panels has become such an issue for many, Guardian is now offering quarterly solar panel checks for animal control.  This includes removing any nesting materials under your solar panels. Call the office at 856-768-3330 to schedule.

Animal Control



Are you tired of rabbits and deer eating your plants?  We have deer around the office that keep eating the plants around our building.  The owner has been having an issue with rabbits eating his plants around his house.


Guardian has been using an all natural product called Yard Gard to help repel moles for the past 2 years for our customers.  Mike decided to try using that same product around the office and his home to see if it would help with the rabbits and deer eating the plants…..and he is thrilled with the results.


If you would like more information on the Yard Gard product, please call the office at 856-768-3330 and we will be happy to help.

Animal Control

Raccoons and Squirrels can cause significant damage to your home. They can rip up roof shingles, chew their way into the soffit. They will try to nest in your attic, under solar panels, and in the soffit. Guardian Termite & Pest Control will do the job in a professional manner.

Groundhogs dig underground and can cause damage to concrete slabs by digging under them and weakening the foundation.

Call Guardian today to schedule your animal control service – 856-768-3330

Raccoons – Animal Trapping


Raccoons, Groundhogs and Squirrels are adorable….as long as they are not living in your attic, under your solar panels or destroying your garden, lawn or home. Guardian traps Raccoons, Groundhogs and Squirrels with humane traps and safely releases them into the woods far from your home. Their knowledge and professionalism is top notch. Call the office at 856-768-3330 and ask for Jacqueline. She will help get you scheduled in a timely and courteous fashion to help resolve your wildlife issue.

Quarterly Squirrel Control/Solar Panels


February has arrived with warm weather! The Groundhog did not see his shadow and there is an early spring predicted.

It is never too early to worry about animal control. I have been having a personal battle with squirrels around my house. They keep scaling the side of my house, running through the gutters and now are going in and out of my chimney. They have been building nests underneath my solar panels. Thankfully, Mike Pagano was out to trap the squirrels and helped remove the nest from under the solar panels.

Now that solar panels are becoming more and more popular, Guardian will be offering QUARTERLY ANIMAL CONTROL services to trap any squirrels under your solar panels and clean out/remove any nests. Call the office at 856-768-3330 for more info and pricing.

OFFERING 10% off first time Animal Control Services until 3/31/2020.

10% discount for animal control good until 3/1/2020.

Happy New Year!

Have you ever been laying in bed to hear the sound of something running along your roofline?  Or even in your attic? It is very disturbing to think something could be running around your attic.  My son came to me to say “mom, I keep hearing things running around and I am concerned something is in the attic!”

I called my boss and asked for help.  He stopped over the very next day to set up traps.  He found there was a nest from squirrels under my solar panels.  He set a few traps by the tree they appeared to be using and caught one squirrel the first day and another squirrel the second day.  

All animals are caught humanely and released safely in the woods behind our office.  Don’t hesitate to call the office with questions….856-768-3330. 10% discount offered on animal control.