Odorous House Ants

By TermiteKiller / March 15, 2021 /

The pungent, rotten coconut-like odor given off when this ant is crushed gives it its name. It is probably the most common pest ant that Guardian deals with. It is a small ant 1/16 to 1/8 inch long. The body is brown to black. Colonies consist of several hundred to ten thousand ants. Since different…

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Little Brown Bats

By TermiteKiller / January 26, 2021 /

THE LITTLE BROWN BAT The little brown bat is a species of mouse-eared bat that is the common bat seen in this area. It is dark brown in color. It is only 2.5 to 4 inches long and only weighs a one-half ounce. The wingspan outstretched can be 11 inches. They sleep during the day.…

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BUG OF THE MONTH – Spotted Lantern Fly

By TermiteKiller / January 12, 2021 /

THE SPOTTED LANTERNFLY Spotted Lanternflies are Plant hoppers from the order Hemiptera like our native aphids, cicadas, or leafhoppers. We have many native species of plant hoppers in the US. Spotted Lanternflies, however, are native to countries in South East Asia. They cannot bite. Their mouthparts, which are fused into a straw-like beak, called a…

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By TermiteKiller / July 14, 2020 /

7/14/20   Bats are a nuisance pest no one wants to deal with.  The State of NJ has specific guidelines for us to work with to protect bats (see attached guidelines) during their maternity phase.  We can help out if they are in your living space, but cannot exclude them from your attic during their…

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Is is termites or ants?

By TermiteKiller / June 16, 2020 /

This is the time of year that termites swarm.  Unfortunately, ants also swarm in the spring and summer.  How can you tell the difference?  Ants have 3 parts to their bodies and are easily recognizable by their segmented bodies.  Termites have straight antennae out of the top of their head while ants have bent antennae…

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By TermiteKiller / May 20, 2020 /

Did you know that termites are active all year long?  Termites swarm in the springtime.  The main purpose of the termite during the swarm is to find a mate and start a new colony of termites in a new location.  When a homeowner experiences a swarm, it is a visible sign they have termites.  But…

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Mosquito Control

By TermiteKiller / May 5, 2020 /

With the warm weather finally starting to settle in and the ability to enjoy the beautiful weather, it is the time of year to start thinking about mosquito control.  There is nothing more frustrating than trying to relax outside and enjoy family time only to be bothered by the mosquitoes.  Guardian offers monthly and bi-weekly…

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General Pest Control

By TermiteKiller / April 27, 2020 /

While spring is slow to arrive with the weather changing back and forth from warm to chilly, I wanted to outline some of the services we offer.  In this time of social distancing and sheltering place, there are still issues with bugs in general.  We offer several options for helping relieve the issues of pests…

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By TermiteKiller / April 7, 2020 /

Animal Control is still an issue for several people.  Raccoons have invaded a customers attic, causing damage in the soffit and nesting in the attic insulation.  I have personally experienced issues with squirrels nesting under my solar panels. They came out and trapped for squirrels and removed the nesting materials from underneath the solar panels. …

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Animal Control

By TermiteKiller / March 24, 2020 /

3/24/2020   Are you tired of rabbits and deer eating your plants?  We have deer around the office that keep eating the plants around our building.  The owner has been having an issue with rabbits eating his plants around his house.   Guardian has been using an all natural product called Yard Gard to help…

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